Request for Emergency Funds

Ministry for Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

Membership Emergency Fund


The purpose of the Foundation for Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Member Emergency Fund is to award monetary assistance to Mt. Zion Members who are experiencing an unforeseen financial hardship due to an emergency. The program is administered through the Mt. Zion  Emergency Ministry which is a ministry comprised of a elected committee. The Membership Emergency Fund is made possible because of the support of the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church and its members.

General Information

*   Due to limited resources, funds will be given on a one-time basis with a maximum of $500.00.

*  The assistance is intended to cover financial loss due to circumstances beyond the member's control (i.e. a crisis)

*  If granted, payment is made directly to the vendor or creditor to which the member has a financial obligation.

*  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Only the ministry will have access to the applications.

*  The committee will not consider any application until the required documentation is provided. Additional information/documentation beyond what is requested on the application may be required in order for the ministry to render a decision.


You must:

  1. Be an active full-time member of the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, for a minimum of one year;
  2. Be experiencing a temporary financial hardship because of an emergency situation;
  3. Have not previously received assistance through the Mt. Zion Emergency Fund for one year;
  4. Have considered other possible resources which either were not available or are not enough;
  5. Be able to provide documentation verifying the need for funds.

Application Procedure

  1. Member submits a completed application (may be obtained via the church office or webpage on the
  2. The ministry will review the applications on an as-needed basis (i.e. as applications are received). Decisions will be made at the discretion/consensus of the ministry.
  3. The ministry will review the fund balance and issue assistance based on the availability of funds in the account, as well as the amount requested.
  4. The Chairperson of the Emergency Fund will send a confidential award letter on behalf of the Ministry to inform the recipient of the assistance.
  5. A check will be written and issued directly to the vendor or creditor to which the member has a financial obligation.
  6. All supporting documentation must be attached to the application to substantiate the need for the grant approval. Funds which have been requested or used from other sources must be listed.

Giving to the Fund

Mt. Zion members are encouraged to make a donation to the fund through the Emergency Fund each first Sunday of the month. Gifts can also be made through e-line giving, check, or credit card at any time. Donations made to the Membership Emergency Fund are used to help our members who have a need.